First of all, we wish you a wonderful New Year 2020, filled with beautiful projects and creativity.

We always hear about goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year. Some see it as a list of things we would like to do but give up when February arrives. And if the objectives were simply an action plan, a list of things “to do”, our “to do list” over one year? It is a question of setting up achievable stages and in favor of our growth. It's not about forbidding things, but rather about becoming a better version of yourself. This applies both personally and professionally.

It is important and beneficial to set goals each year, for your role as a manager, for your business and to build an effective and achievable long-term plan.

7 tips for setting your goals

1 – The objective must be WELL FORMULATED

It must be understandable, precise, measurable, quantifiable and formulated as an affirmation.

2 – It must be attainable.

There is no point in setting overambitious goals, but they should also make us dream a little. Find the right balance to have a fairly ambitious AND achievable goal.

3 – Make a list of things to improve, based on the experience of the past year.

You can also list positive and negative things from the past year. You will see it more clearly and you can then, in your objectives, add elements to give more strength to positive things and change habits to prevent negative things from happening again.

4 – Ask yourself:

What do I really want for my business and my role in it?

5 – To achieve it, ask yourself the right questions:

  • What internal or external resources should be mobilised?

  • Which ones do we have?

  • Which ones do we need to acquire?

  • How are we going to do it?

  • What do I have to do to achieve it?

For example: “I want all my employees to be motivated and responsible for their projects.”

Means: I give each collaborator an hourly budget and a delivery date for which they alone will be responsible. I organize a closing meeting every weekend and set up a follow-up system.

6 – Call on your teams

Organize a meeting with your teams to share and define the common objectives of your agency. It's always good to share and be transparent: you'll be much stronger if everyone works towards the same goal(s).

Once written, you can hang them in your office, share them by email or even print a few copies to distribute.

7 – Get informed, learn

And yes, that sounds like logical advice, but there are hundreds of books to read on building and running a business.

There is good advice in many areas such as sales, prospecting, communication, marketing, customer relations, team training or recruitment.

You will gain perspective on the different ways to proceed and depending on your strategy, you will retain the information of your choice.

It's yours !!

Little tip: you can even write them in a creative way, on a nice paper or in a particular notebook, it will make them look more special.

Our goals

OOTI also made a small list of resolutions and goals for the year 2020. We wanted to share them with you 🙂

Give the necessary tools to architectural agencies to enable them to increase their turnover, while maintaining the quality of their work.

For this we want:

  • Add new functionalities, always tailor-made to the profession of architect

  • Release our software version 3: simpler, more intuitive, faster

  • Multiply our growth by x5 to increase our resources

  • Contribute to the growth of all our partners

  • Improving the management of architectural agencies

  • Helping the industry in this technological transition

  • Organize educational seminars

  • Create a unique event to allow all industry players to meet

  • Continue to improve our service

And you, what are your 2020 resolutions?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to be able to accompany you throughout this new year.

All our best wishes,

The OOTI team.