In order to facilitate the invoicing work of architectural agencies, OOTI integrates a dedicated interface, between link with current projects and automatic suggestion. A way to ensure a clear and personalized follow-up of this decisive stage of the project. 

Faced with invoicing, architects are often alone with Excel sheets that provide an answer that is neither practical, nor intuitive, nor secure. If some solutions exist, rare are the solutions combining advanced projects and automation of invoices.

The offer proposed to architects today is far from being adapted to the reality of the life of an agency. While some consumer solutions make it possible to make the internal follow-up of the completion of an invoice more reliable, they offer nothing on the invoicing of fees for a project which is divided into several phases as is often the case for the control of 'artwork. Each step can lead to a dedicated invoice, the financial management of an agency can quickly turn into a headache when several teams are working on several files at the same time »

Paul Rattanavong

Customer Success Manager, OOTI.

Traceability and data protection 

This alternative, OOTI designed it on the basis of its collaborative platform. Integrated into the project management process, the part dedicated to invoicing presents itself as a reliable alternative to the lack of traceability and data protection that Excel document sharing implies. “Today, agencies waste a considerable amount of time managing their billing. Whether they exercise as a liberal or in society, the search for good information, from good timing sending or traceability induce errors detrimental to the activity” continues Paul.

So that's the whole point of integrating billing management into the ERP that is OOTI. From now on the question, resounding in all the agencies of France " so where are we ? calls for a response that can be viewed with just a few clicks. “This is the vocation of OOTI. By offering an interface allowing employees of an agency to provide information on the progress of each project, the solution aggregates all the information necessary for issuing and monitoring invoicing,” he continues.

Thanks to the tab offering a general overview of the agency's invoicing, the current invoices, those to come, or those past are very easily consultable.

Focus on collaboration

In fact, operational staff represent the first link in the chain. The management of project, of his advancement and sound planning sets the tempo of a invoicing which is then automatically suggested based on the data provided.

With it, it is the uncertainties linked to the follow-up that fly away. " If OOTI suggests invoices on the basis of the progress of the projects, it also makes it possible to manage the sending, the relaunch and the follow-up of the invoicing”. Several functionalities make it possible to create an invoice containing the codes of the agency. 

Tableau de bord factures

Of course, this depends on the possibility to adapt the invoice according to the graphic charter of the agency, by incorporating the logo for example, but more broadly, it is possible to use the titles as the teams are used to using them » continues the collaborator of the startup.

Pro-forma or estimate, bill of fees or invoice, reminder of the last elements invoiced or not… Based on the suggested invoice, all these parameters can then be modified. What to make invisible the financial management by the platform and to fully adapt the elements to the codes of the agency.

To find out more about invoicing via OOTI and more broadly about all the features offered, go to the FAQ by following this link.

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