Win new markets: when the architect becomes a commercial

New business, competition won, deal won, new market… We can call it what we want, in the end it's always about the same story: finding new projects. Where ? How? 'Or' What ? Follow the leader:

👉🏼 Public competitions

👉🏼 Connecting platforms

👉🏼 Optimize your fee proposal process

👉🏼 Develop your network

The MAF recently launched a major survey entitled " How is your agency doing? » in which she proposed to make a diagnosis on a feeling: the pandemic has certainly done damage, but in what proportions?

68% of the respondents indicated a drop in turnover expected in 2020 compared to 2019. For 12% of them, this drop was even more than 50%. In this context, reconnecting with activity is essential.

The competition, to open new doors … public

Admittedly, the practice has become considerably more complex in recent years, but thehe competition remains a great lever for acquiring projects for an agency curious to access public procurement. Because yes, that is what it is most often.

Public markets publish their notices of public call for competition (AAPC) in the official specialized press. They can be found on the Official Bulletin of Public Contracts Announcements (BOAMP), the Official Journal of the European Union (march-public.fr), the website CallForProject or the platform The monitor.

The creation of an application file may, in the case of a call for projects, prove to be essential. It contains proof of the technical and financial capacity of an agency to be able to respond to the competition, and precedes the constitution of the response file.

… but not only !

The boom of matchmaking sites has finally come to shake up the habits of the sector: nearly fifteen platforms exist today to allow project leaders to easily find the architect capable of responding favorably to their request.

These new actors called Archionline, Archvisor or BAM are part of these new "Meetic of architecture", which bring out a new typology of order, private and particular. We will come back to it very soon in a dedicated article.

Best practices for managing a competition from A to Z

To facilitate the often tedious step of responding to project management competitions, the Order's website, www.architects.org offers models broken down into two parts between the application phase and the project phase. you will find it by following this link.

On OOTI, your proposals are generated from models pre-established, whose information is automatically added to the project concerned and all of your prospects are grouped together allowing a better visualization of your sales pipeline.

If the technical offer is a delicate and crucial step in the construction of the response file, the development of the budget is essential: to carry it out more simply, OOTI allows you to estimate the amount of a project by phase, percentage of the work or by deliverables. One real fee solver which facilitates the response work.

Once the file has been compiled, exported and sent, all you have to do is monitor its progress thanks to the detailed monitoring sheets for each project.

The network: when those around you become a business provider

Often underestimated, the architect's network is nevertheless his first provider of potential activity. But as everything must be deserved, a good network is also a long-term job you have to think about the length. There are the people you meet during your studies, and those you meet during professional events, all of them have one thing in common: a network of their own to connect to yours. The network is so important for architects that we decided to dedicate a white paper to it.

Not your cup of tea and not sure where to start? In "Maintaining your network as an architect" you will discover a sharp look at the subject and many tips to seize all the opportunities for developing your network between social media, events, customers and existing resources... Find it for download by clicking here !

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