About us

Une jeune entreprise française

Founded 3 years ago, the company is young and flexible. The team’s goal is to help architects manage their agency well and improve its performance.

Thanks to the experience of its creators in the fields of finance, technology and the world of architecture, OOTI is today a software that brings together all the essential functionalities for architects.


OOTI is a human scaled company. Always looking for new ideas, we constantly value contact with our customers and future partners. Through different exchanges and meetings, we take into account each return. This allows us to better understand and respond to everyone's needs.


We bring you the expertise necessary for the proper administrative and financial management of your agency and we design the tools necessary for your job to allow you to develop the world of tomorrow. 


Thanks to our business model, we are proactive, accessible and quick for our customers. Inventive and curious, we continue to improve the product and give you real-time updates.

A new way of managing

We are continuously improving our offer thanks to the feedback from our users. We offer our customers a product that suits them and that helps them to develop in a digital world!

Give yourself some time to do what really matters: your job.


+33 1 45 00 46 59

18 rue le Sueur, 75116 Paris

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