Analyses financières

Do you want to gain visibility and improve the profitability of your projects?

More than project management, OOTI is also a financial management software.
You will have access to all the necessary figures in order to better manage your business.
Each software administrator can track turnover, costs and margin in real-time.
For more transparency, OOTI also calculates your financial projections

Vision Chiffre d'affaires et projections

Imagined for you

Financial dashboard

Manage your agency with real-time financial data.

Tableau de bord financier
Chiffre d'affaires par projet

Turnover and projections

Make the right decisions with turnover reports from your past and current projects.

Income statement

Analyze your results and focus on your profitability.

Comptes de résultat

Costs visibility

Monitor your costs and control your spending.

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