Project Management

Avancements et plannings

Are you looking for a centralized solution for monitoring your projects?

Each agency project is added and saved with the necessary information, such as start and end dates, client, fees, site address, phases, etc. Depending on selected phases a planning is generated following the details on the clients contract. you can then be informed of the progress of your projects and your hourly budget use     .

Gestion de projets architectes

Made for you


Main planning

See your projects all at once and anticipate future workloads.

Planning projets
Tableaux de bords projets

Complete dashboards

Access your project dashboard and grab details at a glance. 


Project list

With one click access to details of your projects such as progress, billing and fees.

Liste de projets
Budgets et avancements

Progress & Budgets

View your hourly budgets in relation to the progress of each project.

Progress & Status

Get into the details with detailed graphics.

Avancement par phase
Budget Horaire

Hourly Budget Tracking

Track in detail your hours used and your budget remaining throughout the project.

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