Project Management

Avancements et plannings

Project management, centralized and in real time.

Each agency project is added and saved with the necessary information, such as start and end dates, client, fees, site address, phases, etc. Depending on the recorded phases (from MOP type models or manually) a schedule is established in accordance with the proposal signed by the client. You can then be informed of the progress of your projects and your hourly budget used.

Project dashboard

Access a project dashboard to know at a glance the key figures of the agency.

Complete summary

Visualize all necessary information to track your projects 

Planning projets


Find your favorite projects on your dashboard to see important information about them at a glance.


 Visualize your project schedule and its progress to anticipate your future workloads.

Liste de projets
Budgets et avancements

Progress & Status

Go into the details by phase with the budget used, the progress and the billed.

Areas and planes

Add zones and plans to manage progress in more detail.

Time tracking

Track in detail your hours used throughout the project.


Manage your remaining and projected budget so you don't exceed it.

Avancement par phase
Budget Horaire


Add collaborators to the project by giving them a specific role. You can set up your roles, your billable rates and the different permissions to assign to users.

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