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An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or also called PGI (Integrated Management Software) is an information system that manages and monitors all of a company's operational information and services on a daily basis.

National School of Architecture (ENSA)
School where architecture studies take place. Five-year course taking place in one of the twenty National Schools of Architecture, currently placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

Doctrine aiming at a better balance between man and his natural environment as well as at the protection of the latter.

All the activities of a human community relating to the production, distribution and consumption of wealth. Also, management of expenses where one avoids spending to save.

Within an architectural agency, the construction economist evaluates, quantifies and describes the works, materials and equipment necessary for the realization of the project. In connection with the project team, he makes technical and economic prescriptions to accompany the design work.

Indispensable to the exercise of the profession of architect

Drawing representing the facade of a building or 3D view (dimensions)

A vertical projection of the volume of the construction, all overhangs and overhangs included. Only constructions and volumes whose projection on the ground is possible are taken into account in the footprint. The footprint includes the thickness of the exterior walls.

Character of a material system capable of producing work such as mechanical, electrical, solar, thermal energy. Also, physical and moral power of someone, which allows him to act and react.

Construction companies
It is the companies that are responsible for constructing (in the primary sense of the term) the building. They can be "general" or specialized in one or more trades.

Relating to the ecological environment (All the elements (biotic or abiotic) that surround an individual or a species and some of which contribute directly to meeting its needs.)

Group of people to accomplish a common task. Team of collaborators. Also, group of people united by activities, common interests: A fine team.

Surface, extent, volume intended for a particular use. Also, the extended space that does not impede movement or the space that one needs around oneself.

private space
Individual space that represents the place of life or work specific to individuals or companies.

Public space
The public space represents all the spaces of passage and gathering which are for the use of all. They belong either to the State, or to a legal and moral entity or, exceptionally, to the private domain.

Phase of a progression. Also called milestones

Final preliminary project study (APD)
Sub-phase of the AVP which makes it possible to determine and fix the essentials of the project such as the plans, the dimensions, the technical aspects, the detailed surfaces, the materials and the costs. This is submitted to the client for validation.

Feasibility study
Also called sketch studies (ESQ), preliminary studies essential to assess the advantages and constraints of an existing site or building before starting the preliminary project studies (APS, APD).

Synthesis study (SYN)
Phase led by the project manager, who must ensure the proper execution of the studies, summarize and validate them

Diagnostic study (DIA)
Phase to be considered only when the project affects an existing building. Can be carried out several times and at various stages of the project, it is an analysis of the inventory.

Sketch Studies (ESQ)
Also called feasibility studies, phase aiming to establish more or less roughly imaged proposals taking into account the program, the specifications, the budget envelope and the regulatory constraints.

Execution studies (EXE)
Phase comprising the study of the project in all its aspects and the correlation between the different lots, in order to produce the plans and details which will make it possible to carry out the construction project.

Examination of something with a view to its estimation, evaluation, etc. : Appraisal of an apartment. Expert's report

Action to push back the limits of something, to enlarge, to increase the extent of something: extension of an area