Architect's glossary

Final preliminary project study (APD) 

Sub-phase of the AVP which makes it possible to determine and fix the essentials of the project such as the plans, the dimensions, the technical aspects, the detailed surfaces, the materials and the costs. This is submitted to the client for validation.


In regards to:

Phase in the planning of an architect, being part of the MOP law. Here are the phases of the MOP law:


ESQ sketch studies
AVP pre-project studies
APS preliminary design studies
ODA final design studies
PRO project studies
EXE execution studies
SYN summary plans
VISA approval of the execution studies
ACT assistance to the project owner for the signing of works contracts
OPC scheduling, steering, coordination
TED management of the execution of works contracts
AOR for assistance during acceptance operations and during the year of the perfect completion guarantee
EP  preliminary studies
IAD  diagnostic studies

For more information you can visit: https://www.architectes.org/MOP