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Any construction intended to serve as shelter and insulation. Also, all professions, activities related to construction: Building trades.

Low Consumption Building (BBC) is a label awarded to buildings that have low energy consumption for heating, air conditioning, lighting, domestic hot water (DHW) and ventilation. Requires 50% less energy compared to a building compliant with RT2005 thermal regulations

BIM comes from English Building Information Modeling which translates into Modeling Information (or data) of the Building. BIM is a working method, a process, using an intelligent 3D digital model as the central element of exchanges between the various stakeholders in the act of building.

Individual who has the ability to alternate between two languages according to his needs.

Statement of revenue and projected expenditure planned for a period or a future project. The budget is an essential tool to manage and control its activities.

Design office
May designate either an independent firm or a department or service within an administration or a company. This is a structure where scientific and/or technical expertise is carried out, generally under the responsibility of an engineer.

Control office
Company authorized to assist, on contract, contracting authorities or prime contractors. They check on the one hand, the compliance of the solutions proposed by the BET with the regulations in force and on the other hand, their implementation on site. The control office, by intervening, engages its responsibility in the same way as the project manager

Technical studies office
Technical design office (BET) Company, company or service in charge of studies, calculations and the realization of plans, in one or more trades or technical fields.