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Compagnie des Architectes de Copropriété (CAC) is an association that brings together nearly 100 independent architectural firms, specializing in interventions on existing buildings from all periods.

Council for Architecture, Town Planning and the Environment (CAUET). Its objective is to promote the quality of architecture, town planning and the environment in the departmental territory. Architecture, landscapes and heritage are of public interest.

CDAC Formerly CDEC, the departmental authorization for commercial development has the mission of ruling on all projects for the opening (or reopening) of commercial exploitation of 1,000 m² or more.

Departmental Commission for Commercial Equipment, replaced, since 2009, by the CDAC

In the field of construction, means Works Supervisor: Responsible for the control and coordination of the various stakeholders on the site. Can also mean Territorial Development Contract or Sincerely.

National Council of the Order of Architects, private law body in charge of public service missions composed of 17 regional councils. The Order of Architects is made up of 29,000 architects, approved in architecture and holders of receipts fulfilling the conditions set by law to practice their profession: diploma, ethics, insurance, civil rights, etc.

Regional Council of the Order of Architects

Study, room where one withdraws (to work).

Architectural firm
Also called architectural agency. Whether for renovation, construction or transformation, he is the most qualified professional to support his clients in the implementation of an architectural project. He masters the technique, he creates and manages projects.

Public registry containing information on the area and value of land properties. Also, tax administration in charge of the documents containing this information

The Specifications (CDC) is a contractual document to be respected during a project. The specifications allow the project owner to let the project manager know what he expects of him when carrying out the project, leading to penalties in the event of non-compliance.

Participation in an architectural or engineering competition with the aim of being selected to carry out the project subject of the competition.

Town planning certificate
Administrative act whose value remains mainly informative. Its objective is to qualify the legal situation of a piece of land based on the rules of town planning, constructability as well as the rights and obligations applicable to it.

Certificate of conformity
Document attesting to the proper application of standards relating to trade, town planning or business. For example, the certificate of conformity applies to work carried out within the framework of a building permit granted by a town hall.

Place where work is carried out.

Be late or very close to the deadline imposed to submit a project. In those days, Beaux-Arts architecture students who had to hand in projects went to their classroom with a cart on which they transported them and finished their drawings and plans along the way. Also: Car with two wheels, with sides, used to transport loads.

Project Manager
The project manager (CDP) is the person in charge of carrying out a project and managing its smooth running. This role requires project management skills, good interpersonal skills, as well as technical knowledge in the fields concerned.

Turnover (Turnover) is the sum of a company's sales of goods or services. In other words, it is the total of the incoming sums without debiting the expenses of the company

A person who purchases or requires services for consideration. Also: most important person in an architecture and interior design project.

Contracting party
In law, designates any person with whom one contracts. The individual contracting bilaterally does so with a co-contractor.

Code of Ethics for Architects
Code dictating the good practice of the profession, divided into 3 parts, it provides in particular that the architect must demonstrate objectivity, fairness and competence, whether in the commitment to clients, colleagues or public administrations.

Person who collaborates in a common work, can mean employed architect in the field of architecture. Formerly, technician in charge of assisting the architect in all or one of the phases of realization of an architectural project which are the architectural works, the technical and/or administrative studies as well as the follow-up of the works.

which relates to marketing. A commercial project is an operation not yet signed, a prospect. Also, person in charge of getting new customers.

An accountant
A person whose profession is to keep accounts. The accountant collects, analyzes and controls the company's expenses, income or investments. It transcribes these flows in the form of figures in different accounts of the chart of accounts.

Conciliation refers to the amicable settlement reached by people in conflict, if necessary with the help of a third party. It is an alternative, fast and free method of settling disputes, the nature of which does not require the initiation of legal proceedings.

Architecture competition
The architecture and engineering competition is the competition between project managers, which gives rise to the performance of services determined by the rules of the competition and intended to allow a jury to decide on the projects, in for the signing of a project management contract.

Suspensive condition
Contained in a preliminary contract (promise of sale or sales agreement), the conditions precedent suspend the execution of the contract on the occurrence of an event. The contract will only take effect when the planned event occurs.

Authorization granted to an employee to stop work; period during which there is a work interruption on the occasion of a holiday, vacation, illness, etc. Leave can be paid or unpaid.

Action to build something: Construction of a building.

General Contractor
The general contractor is a company that manages a project, generally at the request of the project owner. He must coordinate the various players in a project, including the architect, both on a logistical and financial level.

Agreement of wills aimed at creating an obligation of one or more people towards one or more others. The obligations of the architect depend on the missions entrusted to him by the contract. Even before signing the contract, he must give his opinion on the technical and financial feasibility of the project.

OPC coordinator
Person in charge of Ordering, Coordinating and Managing a construction site

SPS Coordinator
Safety, Health Protection. Person responsible for coordinating safety and health protection on building or civil engineering sites.

This is the situation in which two or more entrepreneurs form a temporary grouping with the aim of maintaining economic and financial legal ties between them. Here we will talk about two architectural firms working together on the same project.

Chopped off
Drawing representing the structure of a building according to a vertical section: slice allowing to see all the levels.

All the costs involved in the production or distribution of something. Example, the cost of the sketch phase.

Fixed costs
These are all the costs that change independently of the company's level of activity but that the company must pay for its proper functioning (eg rent, supplies).

Variable costs
Costs that vary according to the volume of activity of the company. (ex: costs of purchasing materials, costs of creating perspectives, samples)

Quick drawing revealing, in broad strokes, the essence of the subject, of the motif.

Person or account in credit means not being overdrawn. Assets (revenues) are greater than liabilities (expenses).