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Professional Guarantee
This is the guarantee that covers the risks arising from the exercise of the architect's duties, mainly with regard to the performance of services related to his activity.

Action or manner of managing, administering, directing, organizing something

Management of a building site
Ensure compliance between the contract documents, the execution documents and the execution of the works, through regular but also unannounced site visits; Ensure the financial management of the construction site.

Person in charge of managing a business, a service, an administration

Temporary meeting of several contractors, in order to carry out a common work in which each participates within the framework of the contract which has been awarded to him. The devolution of contracts to grouped companies is called co-contracting.

Professional who takes care of plotting plans

To manage
Administer, control and organize part or all of the company's functions (commercial, production, personnel, finance, etc.) and also plan by giving yourself the means to see clearly.