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RNR 2020
Responsible building reflection, Responsible Building 2020 regulations, future thermal regulations which will replace RT 2012, and which will take into account the issues of renewable energy and the reduction of GHGs (greenhouse gases).

Royal Institute of Britch Architects (RIBA) is a professional body for architects in the UK equivalent to the Ordre des Architecte in France. Also known are the RIBA phases. Separated into 8 steps, they define the process of an architectural project, like the MOP phases in France.

Report. Make a written, oral report on something. Billing report, budget report, cost report.

Use of the architect
Hiring an architect for a project. In principle, the use of an architect is mandatory for any construction subject to a building permit.

Indicator calculated to know what an activity brings in, and obtained by dividing the operating profit by the turnover

Company employees, human capital. Also, resources are all the capital available to an economic agent in order to finance its various needs.

It is the set of resources or rights that an individual, a company or a public authority receives over a given period without deducting from its assets. The income of a business in 2019 is the amount of money brought in that year, without having subtracted the costs of its activity.

National town planning regulations
Set of general rules applicable in terms of land use, in particular with regard to the location, access, layout and architecture of buildings, the method of fencing and the decent maintenance of landed properties and buildings.

Set of general rules

Acceptance of works (RDT)
Act by which the client declares to accept the work (or works) with or without reservations, and notes that the builders have fulfilled their contractual commitments. It intervenes at the request of the most diligent party, either amicably or, failing that, judicially.

In the field of town planning and architecture, rehabilitation designates in the broad sense the fact of redeveloping a room, a building or a place.

Renovation refers to the operations by which a building or one of its elements sees its condition improved, by the use of new, modern materials to replace damaged or obsolete parts.

Site meeting
The site meeting is the regular meeting essential to the smooth running of the operation. It makes it possible to take stock of the progress of the work and compliance with the contract, to decide on the measures necessary to respect the overall execution deadline, etc.