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The net surface area (SHON) serves as the basis for the calculation of town planning taxes. It is obtained by deducting certain areas from the SHOB: Basements and attics less than 1.80 m high. This is, since 2015, the floor area.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a specific software distribution model where the supplier makes the service, the platform available on the internet, or he also hosts all the data there. It is therefore an online software that can be accessed from any place only with an internet connection.

Figure or drawing giving a simplified and functional representation (of an object, of a process, etc.).

Electronic signature
We speak of an electronic signature when it comes to an electronic document. Like any signature, the purpose of the electronic signature is to guarantee the integrity of a document and to authenticate its author. It can be done online without having to resort to paper.

Subcontracting is a contract by which a company asks another company to carry out all or part of what the client company had to carry out and provide to its own customers. The company that performs is called a subcontractor.

A strategy designates the orientation of all the actions carried out by a company in order to achieve a given objective.

Continuous monitoring to control.

Item made to a customer's specifications. Who is designed, created in a personalized way, to fit, to suit one person, by size, material, color etc.

Living space
The living area represents the sum of the floor areas of each room from which the areas occupied by the walls, partitions, steps and stairwells, shafts, door and window embrasures must be removed.

Floor area
The floor area of the construction means the sum of the closed and covered floor areas, under a ceiling height greater than 1.80 m, calculated from the bare interior of the facades of the building.

Raising a building, a house or its roof means raising it by one or more levels.

Super powers
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