How we stay reliable:

OOTI achieves an average 99.9% uptime. Below are a few things we do to ensure we stay available for you whenever you need to access your information.

  • Management of all hosting facilities by Amazon Web Services, according to ISO 27001.
  • All transmissions between client and server and to external systems are performed through end-to-end HTTPS encryption.
  • Network connectivity is provided by multiple top carriers.
  • Critical servers have redundant power supplies.
  • Critical components are deployed in (at least) redundant pairs.

Our Data Retention policy:

We take our role as custodian of your data extremely seriously. We have multiple backup systems in place to protect your data, governed by the policies shown here.

  • All backups are replicated to at least 2 physical datacenters.
  • Backups occur multiple times per day.
  • Database backups are retained for 180 days.

Our industry standard security practices:

OOTI systems and processes adhere to industry best practices in security.

  • Encrypted inter-server and inter-datacenter communication.
  • Tightly firewalled and monitored servers.
  • Strictly controlled access to servers or customer data.

Our responsible security disclosure:

OOTI has an engaged developer community and we value the role played by third parties in Internet security. Our customers trust us with their data and we take this trust extremely seriously.

Dec. 1, 2019, 8 a.m.