Find the right balance


To meet deadlines, the architectural profession is an ideal field for exploring work-life balance. Architecture is not only a profession or a job, it is also a true way of life where one never stops being creative.

Many architects practice as a freelancer, which often forces them to accept all contract offers. As they have to visit their sites during the week, they are forced to work late at night and during their weekends. 


A lack of time, overloaded agendas: 

– Customer requirements

– Fluctuation in the amount of work

– Management of additional and administrative tasks

– Creativity time


According to the opinions of multiple experts, with discipline and a good sense of priorities, it is possible to be more productive by working better, to find a way to do several things at the same time, but in a healthier way, and to Make time for creative activities.


Create time for each activity:

An architect must find harmony between creator and manager

Create the organization and organize your creativity: the cost of interrupting your attention is far too harmful not to organize yourself strategically. A meeting at the wrong time can destroy your focus and productivity.

Rather than waiting for inspiration to come, it is better to give yourself time to reflect. Plan a time slot and use it to explore new ideas. Make time for it and do it during the week, not in the evenings.

 Our advices :

– Creative slots early in the day because more energy

– Management tasks such as emails, contracts and invoices, later in the day because it is a series of small tasks and the concentration may be a little weaker, even interrupted.


Work and personal life balance

Workaholics tend to work even if it means cutting out their breaks so as not to waste time. You have to know how to take time for yourself and to do so, we recommend combining certain activities.

 For example :

– Have lunch outside to get some fresh air

– Do some of your meetings outdoors to change the environment

– Go for a walk to make some phone calls

This will help reduce stress and you will be more productive. It's the right way to do several things at once.

Install a healthy lifestyle in your business

Good habits should be adopted by everyone and no one wants tired or unmotivated employees. To do this, architectural firms must ensure that a better balance of life is established:

– Reduce meetings as much as possible

– Do not send unnecessary emails, go talk to people or take your phone

– Don't ask your employees to read their email in the middle of the night, lead by example

– Reduce this culture of “presentism”. It is better to be efficient and work less than to work for hours for a mediocre result.

– Put in place effective methods to save time and tolerant of privacy

In a positive environment, your employees will feel more responsible and more creative.  

You will be the first to be satisfied.