How to manage your teams using ERP

Resource management within an architecture firm is a permanent challenge that telework complicates: how best to organize the work of remote teams? How to optimize available resources? ERP software allows the automation of certain tasks and thus frees up valuable management time in the management of your projects.

An exhaustive vision of all your employees

By inviting your teams to create their profiles on OOTI, you will find under the "Agency summary" tab their detailed sheets - their roles, their permissions – and obtain in a few clicks a clear and detailed cartography of the agency schedule.

Want to go further and couple this information with information related to resources? The software allows you to associate with each staff member the elements relating to their holidays to come or their expense. One time saving considerable saving you from having to handle several software or spreadsheets depending on the data you are interested in.

Here, everything about each of your employees is gathered in one place, and also available on mobile via the application. Simply.

1 – An optimized project schedule to avoid late penalties

The management software offers you the possibility to establish, modify and lock a project schedule complete per phase. The interest? Know and master advancement of each step to follow the progress the realization of the project in relation to the planned schedule, anticipate any delays but also establish precise monitoring of your billing. You will thus be able to understand the costs of your project and control the budgets associated with each stage of it.

OOTI offers a 360 view° of all current and future projects within the agency: a relevant projection to anticipate the future and avoid being caught off guard.

“Planning, progress, progress, invoicing… A 360 vision of the agency”

2 – A planning of resources and availability to control your costs

We stop on the new functionality of OOTI: the load schedule and of resources. Because an effective team is worth two, it is essential to be able to easily assign tasks.at your teams and monitor their progress. Compare them planned times of your teams, real times as well as the times budgeted to better manage your projects. 

Beyond a simple weekly time entry, it is a question anticipate surpluses of work: an employee is overloaded? Reallocate some of their tasks to other team members. A simplified way to monitor your actions and ensure deadlines are met whose overruns are often accompanied by penalties.

 » Planned times … real times … time budgeted to manage your projects as well as possible. 

ERP software, a major support for management and its teams?

OOTI is a real ally to involve your teams in the success of the agency's projects. Faced with the requirements of your project owners and the constraints imposed by the regulatory framework of your intervention, our solution, developed according to the specific needs of architects, allows more efficient management, concerned with optimizing time when you often miss this one as well as your budgets. 

OOTI does not yet have the miracle recipe for overcoming carts, but our teams are working in this direction, we promise you!

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